Drugi koncert z Nowym Jorku już za nami. W mediach społecznościowych możemy znaleźć bardzo dużo fragmentów występu Miki.

Myślę, że najważniejsza jest dla nas ta oto wiadomość: KONCERT BYŁ FILMOWANY i zostanie wydany na DVD!!!!! Nie znamy jeszcze dokładnych szczegółów, ale na pewno ucieszy to wszystkich fanów, a szczególnie tych, którzy nie będą mogli wybrać się na żaden koncert Miki.

Oto kolejna porcja filmów z Instagramu:

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Jealousy, bring the music back to me 😍

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Dear Jealousy


Tiny Love
Underwater z pięknym niebieskim oświetleniem
Grace Kelly we fiolecie… I can be violet sky!!!!
Happy Ending … z pomocą publiczności
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Long post alert: I like to think I have a great sense of telling when someone has an incredible, standout, natural and genuine performance quality…I'm pretty picky and selective. And this man, oh geeze…this freakin' man exudes all of those things and more. I have seen some amazing performances throughout the years, but this man put on a show. He genuinely ENJOYED being on stage and performing. He was living and it made you feel alive and free just by being in his presence. He performed and felt it…like the way I ask my students to perform with their whole self-their face, their body, their heart, and their soul. He did all of that with honesty and abandon. He sang and danced and did not stop the entire show. And like I said in the previous post, I cried. I typically cry during concerts, because I'm weird and have a lot of feelings. But this time was different. I knew I would cry, but it didn't hit me as to why I would cry until it all happened. I have been a fan since the beginning and followed along, not quite like my Jason Mraz obsession, but still keeping him on my top list of musicians. I have performed countless dances to his music since that time and have created choreography to even more. I have memories listening to each album for the first time, the multiple meanings every song has had for me as I've grown up through my teens and into adulthood. It just all hit me at once. I have been waiting to see him perform live for so long. I felt such a deep artistic connection to him, like what I've been creating to what he has created would be approved, appreciated, and adored by him. Like our creative spirits are on the same wavelength. He was just phenomenal and humble and genuine and sweet and if you haven't been following his career, START NOW. You're welcome. Thank you for 12 years of wonderful and an amazing Thursday night, @Mikainstagram #TinyLoveTour #TinyLove #TinyTour #Mika

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Spotkanie z fanami po koncercie 13/09/2019


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